Tuesday, 1 November 2011

you may miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hai......... friends,  we are leaving our community for nearly 12 days.We are planing to visit some major YMCA s in the country like Chennai, Calcutta, Itanagar, e.t.c. We are planning to start our journey on 8th November, and will be back on 20th.  Remember us on your prayers. We know community may miss our vibrant presence, its o.k, we will come back with chocolates k bye

Friday, 28 October 2011

All "assigments" and no play makes Jack a dull boy

YMCA have always been pioneer in creating awareness of fitness and sports life for individuals especially in India. YMCA and Sports have always been talked about as one entity. Invention of the game of Basketball and volleyball has been two major contribution of YMCA to the field of sports world wide.

With this same vigor and love for sports as the founders of YMCA. The YMCA trainee at UTC Bangalore took up the challenge to give a new look to the abandon badminton court. The master mind of this initiative being Mr Jose Stanley, who has worked in YMCA’s own College of Physical education in Chennai. & Mr Samson Mathew who worked in Kollam YMCA, both have put their experiences in the field of sport to practical use.

After lot of hard work today in UTC we have a Badminton court which is completely different then what we had  before. The line marking is done as per International standard with Nylon rope. The contribution of all departments of UTC and individuals are appreciable especially the sports and Games department headed by Mr John Pradeep who provided the financial support from sports fund, Mr Joby Joy hostel secretary for providing necessary permissions and all our hostellers who contributed their time and energy to make this initiative a grand success.

We the YMCA trainees wish all inmates of UTC hostel, many refreshing moments and wonderful experiences on this renovated court. You all are welcomed to pay a visit to the court and give your valuable suggestions

Congratulations to Jose and Samson “You have made a difference”

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

UTC Celebrates the festival of lights

Oil Lamps and candles were lit in the darkness filled mess hall (lights switch off)to create the right ambiance, and to show our solidarity with our Hindu brethren who are celebrating Diwali. The "Diwali candle light dinner" in UTC ended with a special sweet prepared for the occasion. Small group of hostelers were also seen enjoying lighting of crackers whereas others took pleasure in watching them.The sound of crackers accompanied us till midnight and continously kept us connected with the festive mood outside. the loud sound (which otherwise irritates the ears ) and the flashing of lights in the sky was pleasant just because it was Diwali "The Festival of Light".

Its pains to read in the newspapers that this festival of Light has also turned out to be a day of darkness and agony for some due to mishandling of crackers.

We the YMCA Trainees wish all a very happy and safe Diwali.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hi everyone

We are YMCA trainees (2011-2012) doing our leadership training programme in the United Theological College, Bangalore. We come from different parts of India and do various courses which will help us in our jobs as YMCA secretary's in our respective places. We have created this blog to put our department news in Bangalore. We welcome you to visit our blog and provide your valuable comments.

The training director is Mr George Varghese and we are four namely Robert Ranje (Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu) Jose Stanley (Chennai), Samson Mathew (Quilon, Kerala), Godwin Fernandes (Goa).